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VEMS Pilot Complete

VEMS has now completed its three month pilot phase, and as a result of the exceptional comments, suggestions (and the odd fault report) received from our testers we have made a number of changes to the mobile applications.

What have we learned?

More than 'learned' we have confirmed that the best design often comes from the end user. Despite having spent many years analysing and designing systems, the application designers have blind spots which are very clear to the end users.

We have confirmed that frequently, small changes have an considerable effect to the user friendliness of the system.

What changes have we made as result of the Pilot?

1- We added 'Going out' functionality to the Notifications

2- We added the MAC Address of the sensor to the location, if it has a sensor

3- We made it clear that the customer is IN or OUT on the Home Screen of the Notifications App

4- We created an extension to the Web Application with additional graphs to check trends and cover up to a month of data.

5- We make subtle modifications to a number of screens to make them more 'user friendly.

6- We have made visible the readings for Temperature and Humidity.

What changes do we still have on the pipeline?

We will streamline the confirmation of Notifications

We will continue to improve the process for linking sensors to the home network

We will extend the devices supported to include iPad and Android Tablet

We will extend the reporting so that it is possible to monitor activity, temperature and humidity by location

We will continue to listen to the comments and suggestions of our users to ensure that the applications and general functionality meets their requirements.

We reaffirm that will not sell the customer details under any circumstances and will only share them if required by law.

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