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  Supporting independent living
Affordable technology that helps elderly or disabled people retain their independence with an invisible safety net

Vixen Electronics Ltd. is introducing VEMS, a new, affordable monitoring system that sits unobtrusively in the house, learns the habits of the resident(s), alerts trusted people if it thinks that there is something wrong.

We focus on practical products that address real-world problems. We test and refine our ideas working closely with real people to address the specific problems that they experience in their everyday lives.

Our monitoring system is at an advanced stage of development and has been operational for several months in a small pilot. Our test subjects have provided exceptionally good feedback and we have responded by refining the product following their comments and observations.

We are starting a pilot

We are now extending the pilot to a larger set of people and hope to receive more comments and observations. We would like to know what is helpful, nice and useful, and what is a hindrance, does not provide real benefit or is annoying.

Vixen Electronics will provide the sensor and the service free of charge for a period of three months from the official start of the pilot. At the end of the pilot any test subject that wants to subscribe to the service, can keep the sensor as a thank you present from Vixen Electronics. The only requirement to join the pilot is the availability of an internet connection.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ and watch the video. If you have further questions, or want to take part in the pilot, please contact us at

If you want to take part in the pilot

Please send the following information: your first name, your family name, your email address and a short description of the reason why you are interested in taking part in the pilot. Example: 'My mother lives on her own and I can only visit her once per week. I worry that if she falls I would not know for many hours.'

Please note that the number of places in the pilot will be limited, and the applications have already started arriving, so apply soon to avoid disappointment!

We will not sell your details under any circumstances and will only share them if required by law. The only reason we will contact you will be to progress the participation in the pilot.

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